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question from I Rock!!!
question asked by I Rock!!!
date asked 25 June 2004
subject Variable incrementing by itself problem.
description I have a Double called dblSelectedItemIndex Declared at form level and I change it at certain times in the code so that I can keep track of a selected item in a ListView when the list refreshes i can reselect the item. However it seems that recently it is now incrementing itself by 1 every line of code that is running. i can see it incrementing in the Watch window. The only major thing that I have added since last I know it was working is Layered forms for Transparency. And the subclassing to control the size of a form. And I have tested by removing the code and the strange Incrementing Phenomena is still happening. Any ideas of the cause of this would be great. And trust me, I'm not imagining this. It's really bizarre.

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01f4'

Variable is undefined: 'sUserName'

/support/showanswer.asp, line 305